Sports & School Physicals – $45

Sports physicals are beneficial for those on sports teams, in school PE, or other physical education classes, as well as those looking to get involved in a new sport or try out for a sports team. It is imperative to get a physical before beginning any rigorous exercise and will help you prevent injury. Some teams and gym programs require sports physicals.

Most daycare’s and some schools require a physical prior to attending. Beckley Chiropractic can provide those types of physicals, as well.

Work & Employment Physicals – $45

We provide our patients the most efficient and affordable work/employment physicals in the Topeka area.  Individuals seeking an employment physical will find that coming to Beckley Chiropractic will make the process of getting a physical and obtaining results as hassle-free as possible. We do our best to save you money and time.

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